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July 23, 2022

Upgrades, Improvements and one maintenance
Dear user,

due high requests of new webspace packages we added more server and locations.
In next time we will update our website with new offers.

We improved some functions also, so registration is much easier.

A planned maintenance on node h102 will be scheduled next days.
This should not longer take than 20 minutes. Most time in maintenance the node is available and online.

If there are any questions, problems or issues - contact us!

Your Hubuhost team

Older News

December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas!
Dear user,

we wish you a merry christmas!
Stay calm, healthy and celebrate the holidays.

Your team
No Impact

December 18, 2021

Good news: Log4J bug not affect your server
Dear user,

we would inform you that the Log4J-attack is not vulnerable for your webhosting services.
All server are secure and hourly up to date.

We recommend to check your web application for vulnerable files and update it if affected.

Your HubuHost team
No Impact

November 30, 2021

PHP 8.1 arrived us
Dear user,

since today you can use and enable PHP 8.1 in your server panels.

Your HubuHost team
No Impact

May 16, 2021

New version online!
Dear user,

since today our new update is online.
Here a quick overview of all changes and new features:

- Germany and USA nodes available (Asia soon)
- New design
- Ads now optional: you can disable or enable ads in your Dashboard
- Now up to 60 GB SSD Storage available for free
- Other small fixes and improvements

If you find some bugs or issues, let us know. We will improve services as best as we can.

Your HubuHost team
No Impact

April 10, 2021

Statistics and earnings are back!
Dear user,

since today all statistic and ad services are online again.
In next days we will publish a big update.

Stay tuned!

Your HubuHost team
No Impact

March 11, 2021

Currently no ads and earnings
Dear user,

due big fire in DC our ad server is offline.
So no ads will appear. Earnings are also affected. We are working as soon as fast we can to rebuild systems.

Hosting and Webspace are not affected and work as usual.

Your HubuHost team
No Impact

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