Statistics and earnings are back!

[Sat] Apr 10, 2021

Dear user, since today all statistic and ad services are online again. In next days we will publish a big update. Stay tuned! Your team

Currently no ads and earnings

[Thu] Mar 11, 2021

Dear user, due big fire in DC our ad server is offline. So no ads will appear. Earnings are also affected. We are working as soon as fast we can to rebuild systems. Hosting and Webspace are not affected and work as usual. Best regards, your team

Happy new year!

[Fri] Jan 01, 2021

Dear user, we wish you a happy new year! The unpleasant 2020 has left us and we hope for a better 2021. We definitely have big plans to make our projects even better and more lucrative for you. However, we depend on your feedback. Therefore we are always available to you! We thank you for your loyalty and wish you all the best in 2021. Your HubuHost team

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